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Sept. 15, 2007 • Shelbyville, Kentucky • Judge Armon Effinger

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Saddlebred Pleasure/Country Pleasure State Championship Model Amateur to Handle: 1) UNDULATA'S RUNTEL DAT, Hallie Carman, Jane Carman; 2) WORHTY'S TICKET, Judy Dolwick, E/O.
Amateur Three-Gaited: 1) FINALLY PRINCE, Caitlin Sparks, Richard Blake; 2) LIKE A ROCKET, Jackie Schutt, Barbara Schutt.
Pleasure Equitation Kentucky Championship Class: 1) WHISPERING OAKS EBONY LACE, Megan Todd, E/O; 2) WODHY'S CHICAGO HOPE, Kristen Shaver, E/O.
Hackney Pony Pleasure Driving: 1) HIGH LIFE'S PRIDE, Dan Hall, Karen Lee; 2) KNOLLAND'S LIBERTY BELLE, Nicole Reason, Greg/Nicole Reason.
10/Under WT Equitation: 1) Petyon Miller; 2) Shelby Key.
Ky. Horse Council Natural Pleasure: 1) WILDFIRE JEWELS, Suzanne Meeks, E/O; 2) EXQUISTELY EXCITING, Foster Roberts, Dr. Robert Mossman.
Amateur Five-Gaited: 1) BLACKIE'S RISING STAR, Martin Gueldnel, E/O; 2) CHAMPAGNE TREAT, Jennie Garlington, E/O.
Adult Country Pleasure State Championship: 1) SHOWBOAT'S BOOGEY MAN, Mary Sue Walker, E/O; 2) HAPPENSTANCE, Leanne Bruce, Debbie Wathen.
Open Road Pony: 1) HEARTLAND FLURRY, Jerry Cummins, E/O; 2) EXTREMELY RARE, Randy Harper, Frickey Farm.
Open Park Pleasure: 1) HE'S THE REAL DEAL, Renee Zubrod, Marsha Mears; 2) CHIHULY, Renee Biggins, Ashley Halloule.
Show Pleasure Driving State Championship: 1) CH ROSE TO THE OCCASION, Kendal Field, E/O; 2) DANCING UP A STORM LLC, Cathy Capsuto-Walker, Cathy S. Capsuto Trust.
Jr. Exhibitor Show Pleasure State Championship: 1) HIGHPOINT'S GRANDEE, Dakota Reiser, Shannon Halher; 2) WORTHY'S INDEPENDENT SON, Eliz Rhoads, Beth Ann Rhoads.
Open Fine Harness Stake: 1) DANCES ON AIR, Sharlene Deuschle, E/O; 2) SIMPLY HANDSOME, Richard McQuown, E/O.
ASB Western Pleasure State Championship: 1) SAMUEL CHARLES, Chelsea Ruxer, E/O; 2) THE GENTLEMAN PREFERS, Sharon Lewis, Rudy/Sharon Lewis.
Open Three-Gaited Stake: 1) CALLAWAY'S BLUE WALTZ, Chris Reiser, Carolyn Stuart; 2) CALLAWAY'S MATCHMACKER, Kim Smith, Rachael Beurke.
Country Pleausre Driving State Championship: 1) SHAKESPEARE'S IN LOVE, Karen Thompson, E/O; 2) MS GRETA GARBO, Moe Anson, Gail Kline/Moe Anson.
Open Three-Gaited Park: 1) SANTANA'S SMART ALEX, Stephanie Leidenheumer, E/O; 2) N/A.
Jr. Exhibitor Country Pleasure State Championship: 1) SING MY SONG, Kristen Smith, E/O; 2) CALLAWAY CH HARDIN, Katie McClaughen, E/O.
Open Harness Pony: 1) HEARTLAND EXPECTATION, Karen Frickey, Frickey Farm; 2) WILD THING, Mary McClean, E/O.
Adult Show Pleasure State Championship: 1) BANK SHOT, Melissa Miller, Shadowbrook Farm; 2) WORTHY'S TICKET, Judy Dolwick, E/O.
Open Five-Gaited Stake: 1) SPACE BUCKANEER, Melissa Moore, Joan Bulmer; 2) PACKIN' A PISTOLE, Kristen Shiflet, Kathy Bagdasarian.
Three-Gaited Pleasure Pony State Championship: 1) SS CATCH MY ACT, Taylor Young, E/O; 2) N/A.
Open Road Horse: 1) RUM'S LAST SHOT, Jennifer Robertson, E/O; 2) SKY TOWER, Danny Bugg, E/O.
Five-Gaited Pleasure State Championship: 1) ADMIRAL HARLEM SHORES, Lisa McMackin, McMackin/Mathis; 2) BETWEEN THE LINES, Gwen Korfhage, E/O.