Boone County Fair and Horse Show 2015

Road Pony Amateur Owned and Trained 52” and Under:  1) MASTER CRAFT STAR MAKER LF, Mike Denham, E/O; 2) REGAL’S MISSKATE, Ed Langfels Steve Rardin and Ed Langfels. 

Walk Trot Pleasure Hunt Seat:  1) GREAT DAYS WAR PRINCESS, Dylan Wilson, Serpentine River Farms; 2) DOMINO EFFECT, Hannah Peace, Little Brighton Stables.

Hackney Pony Pleasure Driving Juvenile:  1) REGAL’S CLASS ACT, Nina Izquierdo, R & B Associates; 2) MAC ARTHUR, Austin Thornberry, E/O.

Road Pony Under Saddle Juvenile Rider:  1) HEARTLAND MOST WANTED, Tyler Walker, E/O.

Amateur Road Pony to Bike 52 and Under:  1) RAILSPLITTER, Kaycee Dolwick, Jim and Kaycee Dolwick.

Three-Gaited Park Pleasure Amateur or Juvenile:  1) THE LUXOR, Alexandra Harper, Phil Luckett.

Saddlebred Western Pleasure:  1) CHAMPAGNE’S MIZZ “T”, Barb Oney, E/O; 2) SWEET ADDICTION, Irene McCofferly, E/O.

Hackney Pony Pleasure Driving:  1) HAWKEYE’S DARK MAGIC, Julie England, E/O.

ASB Five-Gaited Pleasure:  1) LA LADY PEONO, Laura Peters, E/O.

Walk Trot Equitation 10 Years and Under Saddlebred:  1) WINSDOWN TON O STEEL, Izzy Fischer, Ashely Egen; 2) IT’S ME MR. BIG, Dylan Wilson, Serpentine River Farms.

ASB Three-Gaited Juvenile:  1) LITTLE HOT SPOT, Annabel Kippi Noe, Hundred Acre Wood Farm.

Roadster Pony Juvenile:  1) ROMEO’S KRISY LEE, Sloane Fleig, Helen Rich.

Three-Gaited Park Open:  1) CHARMS ELGACY, Sloane Fleig, Mathis/McMackin; 2) DERBY DEBUT, Wendy Winstead, Chandra Nolan.

Saddle Seat Equitation Juvenile:  1) CHELSEA DRAGAN; 2) CHLOE PORTER.

Roadster Pony 48” and Under:  1) CRYSTAL CREEK’S NEWEASTERN, Mike Denham, E/O.

ASB Five-Gaited Amateur or Juvenile:  1) UHLEN’S LOOK OF LOVE, Annabel Kippi Noe, Hundred Acre Wood Farm.

Three-Gaited Park Pleasure Open:  1) I’M THE PRIME OF PEACE, Wendy Winstead, E/O.

ASB Three-Gaited Amateur:  1) MANIPULATING THE STARS, Drew Taylor Hewitt, Harold Denton; 2) LISTEN HERE BABY, Tina Stodd, E/O.

Junior Roadster Pony Four Years and Under:  1) SHOWSTAR’S IMAGE, Doug Bowen, R & B Associates; 2) AMERICAN HONEY, Mike Cox, Mike Tunstall.

ASB Three-Gaited Country Pleasure Adult:  1) A GYPSY’S FACE, Ashley Bolender, E/O; 2) UNENDING LOVE, Brooke Trainer, E/O.

Saddlebred Pleasure Driving:  1) PHANTOM’S FLIRTATION, Randy Bowen, R & B Associates; 2) MIDTOWN MAGIC, Lisa McMackin, Goodman/McMackin.

ASB Three-Gaited Open:  1) YOUR RIDE HAS ARRIVED, Todd Walker, Todd and Allison Walker; 2) ROSELANE’S HELL OF PRIZE, Clark Clouse, DTH Saddlebreds.

Harness Pony:  1) MR. BRIGHTSIDE, Holli Hayes, Helen Rich.

ASB Three-Gaited Pleasure Juvenile:  1) STARRING APTOR OURS, Mandy Bray, Mandy Bray and Amy Conley; 2) CHAMPAGNE CARAMAC, Hannah Vadges, Angela Mangine.

ASB Five-Gaited Ladies:  1) CANDALIGHT, Wendy Winstead, E/O; 2) KOEKIE DE VILLIENS, Cya Simmons, Burlington Saddlebreds.

Road Horse to Bike:  1) ABE MEMORIAL, Thomas Gray, Gray Stables; 2) GRAND VICTORY BELL, Donald Gray, Gray Stables. 

ASB Three-Gaited Country Pleasure Juvenile:  1) OUR BEST ADMIRAL, Karina Smith, Alex Nunez; 2) HARLEM’S JACKPOT, Katelyn Crisp, Presley Adkins.

ASB Five-Gaited Gentlemen:  1) BRIEF ENCOUNTER, Ryan Reichow, Pam Hester.

Roadster Pony 52 Inches and Under:  1) ROMEO’S HIGHLANDER LF, Kayla Kriney; 2) HEARTLAND ELECTRA, Beth Jones, E/O.

ASB Three-Gaited Pleasure Adult:  1) OUR LIBERATOR, Diana Whitinger, E/O; 2) TOPIC OF CONVERSATION, Angela Mangine, Timberlake Farm.

ASB Fine Harness Horse:  1) PENNYVILLE, Chris Reiser, Carolyn Stuart; 2) FIRST UNION, Todd Walker, Peggy  and Everett Angel.

Open Five-Gaited Stake:  1) BELIEVE IT NOW, Kris Knight, Halli Burton Saddlebred LLC; 2) JUST PLAIN GEORGE, Bill Marple, William ad Sandy Marple.

Three-Gaited Park Stake Open:  1) TART’S HIGH HEELS, Anna Rogers-Daub, Robin Rogers; 2) CHARMS LEGACY, Sloane Fleig, Mathis/McMackin.

Three-Gaited Country Pleasure Stake Amateur Adult:  1) A GYPSY’S FACE, Ashley Bolender, E/O; 2) UNENDING LOVE, Brooke Trainer, Brian Trainer.

ASB Three-Gaited Pleasure Stake Juvenile:  1) CHAMPAGNE CARMAMAC, Hannah Vadges, E/O; 2) UPSTATE AGENT, Brianna Robinson, Ron and Cheryl Ellis.

Roadster Pony Stake 52 Inches and Under:  1) HEARTLAND FLURRY, Jerry Cummins, Equus Farms; 2) HEARTLAND ADMINISTRATOR, Kenny Sapp, Chan Warner.

Three-Gaited Pleasure Adult and Amateur Stake:  1) MOUNTAINVIEW’S CELESTIAL STAR, Katie Carter, Anne Guilloey; 2) PERIAPTUS, Lindsey Rice, E/O.

Road Horse Under Saddle Stake:  1) THUDNER BOLT, Stevie Bagdasarian, Evelee Gress and Shane Mullens; 2) RED HEART, Alison Walker, Shock Farm and Jim Schock.

ASB Three-Gaited Stake Amateur-Juvenile:  1) CALLAWAY’S AMBER JACK, Isabelle Fuchs, E/O; 2) MBA’S CARY’S SURE WILL, Savannah Schoen, Tracey Schoen.

Hackney Pony Pleasure Driving Stake:  1) GO BIG BLUE, Calloray Howarel, Equus Farm; 2) REGAL’S CLASS ACT, Nina Izquierdo, R & B Associates.

ASB Five-Gaited Pleasure Stake:  1) PARTY NUT, Kara Hachigian, Texas K Club; 2) MR. COCO-FOXX, Shelby Eriksen, Bill Lienberger.

ASB Juvenile Three-Gaited Country Pleasure Stake:  1) RIDGEFIELD’S LASTING LOVE, Chelsea Dragan, E/O.

Juvenile Road Pony Stake:  1) EXTREMELY BRAND DESIGN, Sloane Fleig, Lisa McMackin; 2) TALLADEGA NIGHT, Haden Buerkley, Jo Buerkley.

ASB Five-Gaited Amateur Juvenile Stake:  1) BOURBON SKY, Bill Marple, William and Sandy Marple; 2) MY MOONLITE SERENADE, Debbie Hagerman-Rogers, Annadale Farm.

Road Pony Under Saddle Stake Juvenile:  1) TIME TO GO, Mandy Bray, Shamrokc Farm; 2) RAILSPLITTER, Jessica Traft, Jim and Kaycee Dolwick.

Three-Gaited Stake Open:  1) MBA’S RIGHTEOUSLY, Joe Brown, E/O; 2) YOUR RIDE HAS ARRIVED, Todd Walker, Todd and Allison Walker.

Three-Gaited Park Pleasure Stake Amateur or Juvenile:  1) CH TUFFY’S MISS ALLISON, Alexandra Harper, Phil Luckett; 2) STEPS, Jennifer Palmer, E/O.

Road Horse to Bike Stake:  1) ABE MEMORIAL, Tom Gray, Gray Stables; 2) BEAUDACOUS E, Jim Schack, Schack Farms.