2014 UPHA/AHHS Horse and Pony of the Year Results


 The following UPHA Horse/Pony of the Year Awards will be presented at the UPHA Convention, Friday evening January 16, 2015 in beautiful Savannah, Ga. Each of the forty-eight (48) Division winners automatically become eligible for the UPHA Overall Horse/Pony of The Year Award in their respective Division. Congratulations to the following:


Saddlebred Open Five-Gaited

CH The Daily Lottery


Saddlebred Amateur Five-Gaited

Callaway's No More Mr. Nice Guy


Saddlebred Ladies Five-Gaited

Fox Grape's Sierra Madre


Saddlebred Ladies Amateur Five-Gaited

CH My Wonder


Saddlebred Five-Gaited Junior Exhibitor

CH Moonlight Memories


Saddlebred Five-Gaited Pony

Little Lord Huntley


Saddlebred Open Three-Gaited (tie)


HS Daydream's Heads Up


Saddlebred Three-Gaited Amateur

Kalarama's Blue Mac


Saddlebred Three-Gaited Ladies

Undulata's Susan McGee


Saddlebred Ladies Amateur

Soquili's Curious George


Saddlebred Three-Gaited Junior Exhibitor

CH The Proof Is In The Heir


Saddlebred Three-Gaited Pony

Nuttin But Style


Saddlebred Three-Gaited Open Park



Saddlebred Three-Gaited Park Amateur

Cloverleaf Freedom Writer


Saddlebred Three-Gaited Park Junior Exhibitor

High Heat


Saddlebred Open Fine Harness (tie)

CH Wild Carrissima

Trust My Imagination


Saddlebred Fine Harness Ladies

CH Our Brilliant Belle


Saddlebred Fine Harness Amateur

Military Secret


Saddlebred Adult Amateur Show Pleasure

Mighty Thor


Saddlebred Junior Exhibitor Show Pleasure

CH Redesigned


Saddlebred Show Pleasure Driving

CH A Cinderella Story


Saddlebred Five-Gaited Show Pleasure Adult Amateur

CH Break On Through


Saddlebred Five-Gaited Show Pleasure Jr Exhibitor

CH I'm Something Wicked


Saddlebred Country Pleasure Driving

CH Callaway's Cumulus


Saddlebred Adult Country Pleasure Saddle

CH Talkin' To You


Saddlebred Junior Exhibitor Country Pleasure Saddle

CH Callaway's Winning Number


Saddlebred Open Western Pleasure

Blushing Bull


Roadster Horse Open



Roadster Horse Ladies/Amateur

Mr's Bones


Roadster Horse Under Saddle

CH Vivacious


Hackney Pony Open

Heartland Majestic


Hackney Pony Ladies/Amateur

CH Heartland Fortune Maker


Harness Pony Open



Harness Pony Ladies/Amateur

Crystal Creeks Commander


Roadster Pony Open

Twin Willow's McDreamy


Roadster Pony Juvenile

Duck Dynasty


Roadster Pony Amateur



Roadster Pony Under Saddle

A Dazzling Diva


Hackney Pony Pleasure Driving Amateur

Heartland Accolade


Hackney Pony Pleasure Driving Juvenile

I'm In Heaven


Morgan Park Saddle



Morgan Park Harness

JW That Special Flaire


Morgan English Pleasure

Indian Creek American Girl


Morgan Pleasure Driving

The Noblest


Morgan Classic Pleasure Saddle

Dragonsmeade Bravura


Morgan Classic Pleasure Driving

GGG Untouchable


Morgan Western Pleasure

LPS The Boogie Man GCH


Morgan Hunter Pleasure

Epona's Mo'o Lio


2014 UPHA Chapter Horse Person of the Year


Chapter 1: Robb Wallen

Chapter 2: Don Deardorff

Chapter 3/4: Amanda Simpson

Chapter 5: Melissa Hughes Smith

Chapter 6/7: Nicole Foster

Chapter 8:Lisa Catron and Janet Crampton (tie)

Chapter 9: Melissa Moore

Chapter 10: Chris Huntoon

Chapter 11: Brock Rutledge

Chapter 12: Steve Gassen

Chapter 13: Kelli Dreher

Chapter 14: Sarah Gove & Richard Boule`

Chapter 15: Jason Molback

Chapter 16: Lark Henry

Chapter 17: Christy Parker

Chapter 18: Casey Surface

Chapter 19: Bob Keller and Mary Cockriel

Chapter 20: David Earehart

Chapter 21:  Larry Ella

2014 UPHA Chapter Honor Show of the Year

Chapter 1: CA Furturity Horse Show

Chapter 2: NWSA Fall Classic and Futurity

Chapter 3/4: Oshkosh Charity Horse Show

Chapter 5: UPHA Chapter 5 Horse Show

Chapter 6/7: Saturday Night Series

Chapter 8: Southern Saddlebred Fall Finale

Chapter 9: Rock Creek Charity

Chapter 10: UPHA Mid-West Charity Horse Show

Chapter 11:  IASHA Spring Warm Up

Chapter 12:   North Carolina State Championship Charity Horse Show

Chapter 13:  Morgan Gold Cup Horse Show

Chapter 14: Greater Boston Charity Horse Show

Chapter 15:  Devon Horse Show

Chapter 16: Summer Fun Show

Chapter 17:ProAm Benefit Classic Horse Show

Chapter 18: ASHAV Horse Show

Chapter 19:Denver Queen City Horse Show

Chapter 20: ASHAM Horse Show

Chapter 21:  Ontario Hackney Society Show

2014 UPHA Classic Champions

Saddlebred Five Gaited Classic Champion


Owner: Carroll Ray

Rider: Bret Day

Trainer: Bret Day

Saddlebred Three Gaited Classic Champion


Owner: James R Dellinger, Jr

Rider: Andy Freseth

Trainer: Hollow Haven Farmt

Saddlebred Fine Harness Classic Champion


Owner: Rose Arbor Farm LLC

Driver: John Conatser

Trainer: John Conatser

Saddlebred Park Pleasure Classic Champion


Owner: Woodlea Farm

Rider: Smith Lilly

Trainer: Mercer Springs Farm

Hackney Pony Classic Champion


Owner: Ashlyn Farm

Driver: Patrice O’Brien

Trainer: Majestic Oaks Hackney Farm

Hackney Harness Pony Classic Champion


Owner: Toni Nastali

Driver: Maureen Lydon Campbell

Trainer: Majestic Oaks Hackney Farm

Hackney Roadster Pony Classic Champion


Owner: Golden Creek Farm

Driver: Tom Lowry

Trainer: Tom Lowry

Hackney Pleasure Pony Classic


Owner:  Mary Gise

Driver:  Mary Gise

Trainer:  Hollow Haven Farm

2014 UPHA Challenge Cup Champions

UPHA Adult Challenge Cup Championship

CHAMPION:  Kaitlin Kelly

INSTRUCTOR:  Zubrod Stable


INSTRUCTOR:  Jaisen and Meghan von Ballmoos

UPHA National Show Horse Senior Challenge Cup Championship

CHAMPION:  Raven Gropp

INSTRUCTOR:  Vicki Humphrey


INSTRUCTOR:  Kelli Wendeling

UPHA National Show Horse Junior Challenge Cup Championship

CHAMPION:  Heather Rodgers

INSTRUCTOR:  Libby Fergusson


INSTRUCTOR:  Alexis Scott

UPHA Senior Pleasure Challenge Cup Championship

CHAMPION:  Cameron Kay

INSTRUCTOR:  Lillian Shivley

RESERVE CHAMPION:  Caroline Rainbolt-Forbes

INSTRUCTOR:  Lillian Shivley

UPHA Junior Pleasure Challenge Cup Championship

CHAMPION:  Lauren Beck

INSTRUCTOR:  Jennifer Louw


INSTRUCTOR:  Scott and Carol Matton

UPHA 10 & Under Walk/Trot Challenge Cup Championship

CHAMPION:  Alayna Applegate

INSTRUCTOR:  Shelley Fisher

RESERVE CHAMPION:  Quinton Roberts

INSTRUCTOR:  Erin and Reese Richey

UPHA Junior Challenge Cup Championship

CHAMPION:  Ainsley Budzinski

INSTRUCTOR:  Carol and Scott Matton

RESERVE CHAMPION:  Maisie Benfield


UPHA Senior Challenge Cup Championship

CHAMPION:  Cameron Kay

INSTRUCTOR:  Lillan Shivley


INSTRUCTOR:  Erin and Reese Richey

UPHA Five Gaited Horsemanship Championship

CHAMPION:  Jennifer McGowan

INSTRUCTOR:  Melissa Moore



UPHA Exceptional Challenge Cup Overall Championship

CHAMPION:  Elizabeth Metcalfe

INSTRUCTOR:  Ashley Walker

RESERVE CHAMPION:  Gracie Gustafson

INSTRUCTOR:  Taylor Creek Stables

UPHA Exceptional Challenge Cup Physically Challenged Championship

CHAMPION:  Rachel Sanchez


RESERVE CHAMPION:   Victoria Mattson

INSTRUCTOR:  Koren Mercer

UPHA Exceptional Challenge Cup Non-Physically Challenged Championship

CHAMPION:  Sean Simpson

INSTRUCTOR:  Stirrups N Strides

RESERVE CHAMPION:  Aidan Silverton

INSTRUCTOR:  Taylor Creek Stables

2014 UPHA Overall Horse of the Year Winners

Overall Saddlebred Five Gaited Horse

CH The Daily Lottery

Trainers:  Peter & Kim Cowart and DeLovely Farms, Inc.

Owners:  Nancy Hawley and R&L LLC

Overall Saddlebred Three Gaited Horse


Trainer:  Steve & Tiffany Wheeler

Owner:  Glasscock Financial Services

Overall Saddlebred Three Gaited Park Horse

CH High Heat

Trainer:  Tammy DeVore

Owner:  Steve Myers

Overall Saddlebred Pleasure Horse

CH Break On Through

Trainers:  Steve & Tiffany Wheeler

Owner:  Stockings N’ Stripes, LLC


Overall Roadster Horse

Mr’s Bones

Trainer:  Jan Lukens

Owner:  Charles T. Jones


Overall Hackney Pony

CH Heartland Fortune Maker

Trainer:  Bob Phillips

Owner:  Faydelle Schott

Overall Harness Pony


Trainer:  Larry Ella

Owner:  Karen Waldron

Overall Roadster Pony


Trainers:  Rich and Maureen Campbell

Owner:  Elisabeth M. Goth

Overall Hackney Pony Pleasure Driving

Heartland Accolade

Trainer:  Hollow Haven, Inc.

Owner:  Brown-Anderson Farms, Ltd.

2014 UPHA Special Recognition Awards

Tom Moore Hall of Fame

Ronnie Graham

Chuck Herbert

Nelson Green

Richard E. Lavery Professional Horseman’s Award

Smith & Alexandra Lilly

Sallie B. Wheeler Distinguished Service Award

Elisabeth M. Goth

UPHA Larry Bacon Lifetime Achievement  Award

Ed and Suzi Teater

UPHA Helen Crabtree Instructor Hall of Fame Award

Jan Lunkens

UPHA Equitation Instructor of The Year

Dale Becker

Herman Miles Horse Show Manager of The Year Award

Scott Snider

Shirley Parkinson Professional Achievement Award

Amanda Ward

UPHA Young Professional of The Year Award

Christopher & Stephanie Brannon

UPHA Alvin C. Ruxer Lifetime Commitment Award

Lynn Via & Owen Weaver

The Wheeler Family

UPHA Caretaker Hall of Fame Award

Jesus Gonzalez Gomez

Associate Membership Award

Helen Rich

National Honor Show (Saddlebred)

North Carolina State Championship Charity