Road Pony Open: 1) WILD TURKEY JF, Beth Jones; 2) REGAL’S BANDERLEO, Beth Jones.

Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Adult:  1) NIGHTLY LOVE, Mary Ann Zanetos; 2) CH GREEN TOP, Jennica O’Reilly.

ASB Country Pleasure Driving:  1) ARROWHEAD’S UNWRAPPED, Mary Kay Zimmerly; 2) LET’S SEAL THE DEAL, Sarah Wise.

ASB Park Pleasure Amateur: 1) NEW YORK FLASH, Kelley Norris; 2) UHLEN’S LAST DAYDREAM, Karen Carver.

Saddle Seat Equitation 14-17: 1) NICOLE RODRIGUEZ; 2) ALEIA BROWN.

Road Pony Amateur: 1) BOXFORD COURAGEOUS SPIRIT, Beth Jones; 2) REGAL’S BANDERLEO, Beth Jones.

Five-Gaited Junior Exhibitor:  1) UHLEN’S LOOK OF LOVE, Annabel Kippi Noe.

Five-Gaited Lady:  1) BERNARD’S DEBUTANTE, Janet Fleenor; 2) (tie) BORN SUPERIOR, Joan Hammond; SUPERIOR REVELATION, Joan Hammond.

Hackney Pony Country Pleasure:  1) DRIVING MISS EMMA, Sarah Wise; 2) HEARTLAND SEAL THE DEAL, Beth Jones.

Walk Trot Hunt Seat Equitation: 1) ELLESSAR PETROS; 2) CARYS WASIL.

ASB Park Open: 1) HEIRON NEVILLE, Cheryl Tumblin.

Road Pony Junior Exhibitor:  1) SIMPLY AWESOME, Beth Jones; 2) TWIN WILLOW’S THE PROPHET, Beth Jones.

Three-Gaited Amateur:  1) COURAGEOUS OUTRAGEOUS, Kathy Overschlake.

Harness Pony Open: 1) FRONT PAGE NEWS, Chip/Cheri Wise.

Three-Gaited Junior Exhibitor: 1) PROPHET’S SONG, Camryn Silverton; 2) PREFERRED BRANCH, Annabel Kippi Noe.

ASB In Hand: 1) SYRINX, Candy Gierke.

Saddle Seat Equitation 14-17: 1) (tie) NICOLE RODRIGUEZ, ALEIA BROWN.

Saddleseat Lead Line Six Years and Under:  1) KATELIN CREMEENS.

Hackney Pony Pleasure Driving:  1) REEDANN’S LIBERACE, Jacqueline Hawkes; 2) HEARTLAND SHOWBOAT, Jackie Hammond.

Parade Horse:  1) MIDNIGHT AREBESQUE, Julia Maxton; 2) MAJOR COOL, Candy Gierke.

Saddle Seat Equitation Walk Trot Ten and Under: 1) CARMEN GONZALES; 2) LILYANNE GOODMAN.

Open English Pleasure:  1) VOODOO’S ROCKET MAN, Michele Elliott.

ASB Park Pleasure Open: 1) CH GREEN TOP, Jennica O’Reily; 2) NEW YORK FLASH, Kelley Norris.

Fine Harness Open: 1) TRUE FORTUNE, Iris James; 2) UHLEN’S MCDREAMY, Susan LeVally.

ASB Park Amateur: 1) NEW YORK SKY GIRL, Beth Cremeans; 2) DOUBLETREE’S SCARLET DESIGN, Diana Pistoria.

Saddleseat Pleasure Equitation: 1) ALEXIS FENGER; 2) SARAH ELLIOTT.

Hackney Pony Amateur: 1) FRONT PAGE NEWS, Chip/Cheri Wise.

Five-Gaited Amateur:  1) UHLEN’S LOOK OF LOVE, Karen Carver; 2) (tie) JUST LIKA SPIDER, Joan Hammond; CALLAWAY’S NEW DAY, Jocelyn Hagerman.

Hackney Pleasure Driving Junior Exhibitor: 1) HEARTLAND WALK THE LINE, Beth Jones; 2) HEARTLAND SHOWBOAT, Jackie Hammond.

ASB Country Western Pleasure: 1) HE’S A SECRET AGENT, Jill Wilson; 2) SOUTHWIND’S TALADEGA, JC Goings.

ASB Country Pleasure Adult: 1) IT’S MY TIME TO SHINE, Mary Kay Zimmerly; 2) PHOTO IN THE PARK, Megan Chaaban.

ASB Park Pleasure Driving:  1) LET’S SEAL THE DEAL, Sarah Wise; 2) RACHEL ALEXANDRA, Susan LeVally.

Fine Harness Amateur:  1) I’LL BE JOHN BROWN, Vernon Wise; 2) (tie) KALARAMA’S SUPERMAN, Iris James; GYPSY’S PARTY DOLL, Vernon Wise.

ASB Country Pleasure Junior Exhibitor:  1) COVENTRY’S TOO FAST TOO FURIOUS, Jocelyn Hagerman; 2) PROMENADING CHARM, Kaligh Hogan.

Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Junior Exhibitor: 1) PERFECTO’S PERIMO, Jenna Chaaban.

ASB Show Pleasure Driving:  1) GYPSY GENTLEMAN, Sarah Wise; 2) HA SHE BE BAD, Jacqueline Hawkes.